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Donald Kauffman

NP-F batteries for 633

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Hi folks


Looking to get some NP-F batteries and charger for a 633. Have been looking at a SWIT 8770 set, the Sound Devices advertised XL-B2 (both similarly priced), or then the ones on Amazon such as -



- which are all a lot cheaper.


Does anyone have experience using these Amazon batteries with a 633? Any feedback on specific models? Just trying to gauge whether the SWIT/XL batteries are worth the extra expense.



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I have various brand and size NP-F batteries for the 633 (and other gear), here some non-scientific experiences:


cheapos from amazon:

Troy and OTB (small medium and large size)

-> work quite well but lose charge faster then brand batteries. also lose capacity over the years. but the small ones are convenient, and the large ones run for quite a long while. I use them for non-critical things and as backups.


mid range:

SWIT and IDX (only have the large size SWIT (with charge indicator) and the large IDX):

-> thought they are a good mid value but had one of each fail within a year or two (out of about 3), so I won't buy them anymore.



Sony (the large NP-970 ones):

-> expensive but these are the best, last forever and even after a few years not much loss of capacity. 


so for me the genuine sony ones are the best, unfortunately the mid size ones are hard to find (I think they are out of production) and the small ones are a bit too small and the large ones a bit bulky for the 633. and it stings a bit when you press the buy button ; )


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