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Daniel Ignacio

Black Friday Sales 2018.

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On November 29, 2018 at 11:27 PM, noelmdfw said:

To preface, I'm locked to the Betso ecosystem at this point. I've had conversations with a couple retailers and they've all expressed concerns over support from Betso (not sure whether european consumers have it better) for the consumer and poor communication even with the retailers, I have also been waiting for their slate since September 4th (they haven't sent any to the retailers).

Technically haven't had any problems, but these points have raised concerns.


I can't address the supply chain but have purchased a handful of betso items over the last 6 years (including a 2nd TCX-2 during this sale, thanks Daniel for the heads up on deals, greatly appreciated). I've always found Jan Zastera to be on point with communication and handled any inquiries I had in a prompt manner. I've found their products to be extremely well built and designed. When I asked about the repair process, it was said that parts could be shipped to Gotham Sound (my preferred reseller) and they could handle repairs there and some would need to be shipped back to Betso. I can recommend Betso and Jan without hesitation. 

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