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2018 New Lav mounting tools

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Looking to update my usual R11 or vampire clips for my cos11 and I see a lot of new tools out there. I don't see any youtube reviews and would be grateful on any write ups. 




Shirt holder

Tie Holder 


Blfex silicone 

Lav concealer 

Button Down


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I find regardless of what new lav mounting toy you use it still comes down to good placement, whether youre using a mount or a piece of moleskin...


Im a fan of the hide a mic bra holder for documentary work, where subjects arent used to micing themselves. The bra holder simplifies the process for sure.

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13 hours ago, dgirtsman said:

I've had pretty good luck with the Ursa mini mounts. Has anyone tried the Bubblebee lav concealer or the Hide-A-Mic B Flex yet? I'm interested in hearing some reviews on those.


I will start a project, March 2019.

We will use Sanken COS11 with Bubblebee Lav Concealer.

As far with minimum tests we did, looks like a pretty good solution for Sanken COS11 users.

Pros: Metal clip, tape is really strong and size.

Cons: Their specific tape with rounded corners; but you can cut your own tape without that bend shape, if your run out of stock.

5 of 5 stars

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