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DPA 4018C vs Sennheiser MKH50

Ilari Sivil

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I feel a more powerful need to replace my Oktava MK012 for indoor boom use. It's been doing well enough most of the time, but yesterday I ended up on a shoot with multiple cameras and really quiet talent. My wires worked really well, but the MK012 didn't cut it at distances as low as ~60cm (about 2 feet). I started hearing the self-noise of the mic (or perhaps preamp noise since I had to really crank it). Nothing overpowering, but enough to be quite annoying.

I've been thinking about the upgrade for quite a while. I've got a 416 as my outdoor shotgun for now and I'm running DPA Core 4060s with A10s for wires. I'm pretty sure the 50 would match well with everything, but I really like how small and light the 4018C seems, not to mention that I've become a huge fan of the DPA sound by using the lavs and the 4017B. I still have a huge soft spot for the MKH50 though, it's a mic that I know and love, but it does color the sound quite a bit, the lows can be a bit much from time to time. Buying new, I could get the 4018C a bit cheaper, but a used 50 could be hard to find since they're really solid and people like them.

What do you guys think? How do the two mics compare in your opinion?

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