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Lectro IFB transmitter

Robert Buncher

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I have an opportunity to buy some Lectro R1a receivers in block 22. There is also available a T1 transmitter but I believe there are better options for a used Lectro  transmitter for bag use considering price, size and other variables. What are people’s opinions on the what Lectro transmitter to buy for this purpose? Thanks, Bob

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I use one UM400a in IFB mode in my doc bag. It outputs 100 mW and is much smaller and lighter than a T1 or T4. 

I do use a T1 and T4 on my cart. They are bigger but the controls over them are much better (freq change, gain, etc...) and they output 250 mW. 

If your work consiste of bag work where you are always next to the action and never too far from the receivers, i would go for a used UM400a (watch that they can do the IFB mode) or a T2 (essentially a UM400 that only do IFB mode). If you have it on a cart where you might end up further away from the receivers and the higher output power could be useful, go for a T1 or T4.

But pretty much every transmitter from Lectro that can go into IFB mode will work with the R1a's.

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