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Analogue output of Zaxcom RX200


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Hey fellas, I discovered the phenomenon is,first of all,I use SD633, Zaxcom RX200 and Trx743stereo, when I switched the SD633 and RX200 from digital to analogue, then two channels(CH1&CH2) output became one channel output(only CH1), and cable is fine,anybody know what going on? 



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1 hour ago, John Blankenship said:

Standard AES uses a single balanced output for stereo, but analog needs two.


So, on the RX200, stereo AES out uses TA5 pins 1-2-3, whereas analog stereo out uses pins 1-2-3-4-5. See the manual for the wiring. 


Thanks for your response, I have plug in two XLR connectors, TA5F to XLR CH1/XLR CH2. when I switch on tone at RX200, RX200 display two signal channels, SD633 only CH1 has signal, CH2 is super super low level, and noise.


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