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Sound Devices MixPre version 3.0 Now Released


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6 hours ago, borjam said:

The limiters are analog and in that case the limiter parameters are governed by actual components (good old resistors and capacitors). So no firmware update can correct that unless the software defined electronics part allows some changes to circuit topology/components. 


Anyway, consider this. If the limiters were digital (like in the Zoom F8) you will achieve the same results by lowering microphone gain leaving more headroom and, if some dynamics correction is required, some post processing after recording. The result will be equivalent. 


I have never recorded shots but I guess it won’t be necessary to disable the limiters, just give it more headroom so that the limiter acts just on the highest peaks.


The pres are so clean I doubt it will be an issue. Maybe a bit less convenient, though. 



Thanks for the info guys, I was just wondering if some type of update could change the way they work, as many have said the Limiters are not as good at some things as the old and yes I know the limiters are analog that is def a good thing along with the clean mic pres is the reason I may get one, plus I have the original MixPre and that has the old style limiters which I always liked. So I guess I could use that with it if I ever really needed to. At least they fixed all the other issues that have been reported it seems ...

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