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A guide to recording spatial audio for 360-degree video


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I thought this may be interesting for those hopping into the 360 world....



As immersive video formats grow in popularity, NPR audio engineers have been experimenting with techniques for how to record high-quality spatial audio — an audio format that allows a listener to experience sound in all directions.

NPR’s initial foray into 360-degree video began as part of the Journalism 360 Challenge(J360), which focused on exploring some of the simplest ways to work in an immersive medium with a compact and portable equipment setup.

During a recent trip to Puerto Rico, I helped engineer a rich, immersive audio-video project on the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Our audio engineering team also explored new territory — combining sound-rich and immersive audio with in-depth reporting and narrative.

As an audio engineer, I was asked to join the project to focus explicitly on high-end immersive spatial audio. This meant two things: First, capturing audio from the camera position with a higher-quality microphone and recorder setup. And second, using more advanced techniques and tools in post-production to enhance the final product, including adding additional audio recorded separately from the main spatial rig.

In this post, we provide a detailed look at recording spatial audio from an engineer’s perspective. It will be most useful for those with a basic understanding of audio engineering fundamentals. We’ll use our recent trip to Puerto Rico to demonstrate one example of an immersive spatial audio workflow.



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yes mike , i agree.

 i have before and since being offered a similar job , been experimenting with 

4x cardioids , which is basically the same , less expensive , but far , far more fragile.

they work... yes ok, even very good . The likely hood of one being displaced 

negates this use. each one being at 90 degrees to each other.

go for the soundfield!


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