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Allen Rowand

Are Sennheiser HD 26s worth the price?

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I'm thinking about getting new headphones- my HD 25-1s are somewhere around 15 years old and I don't have a spare pair. The HD 26s are interesting, but twice the price of HD 25s. I've never had cable issues with the 25s but I like the cable setup on the 26s. 


For anyone with experience with both, do you feel the sound and comfort of the 26 is worth the price premium over the 25? I'd obviously need to listen to them, but not if the higher price isn't worth it. I was also looking at the HD 300s but don't know if I want to switch to a circumaural design.

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They sound very similar but don't have that ridiculous spade connector that starts going intermittent after a while that the HD25's have, for that alone HD26's are worth it for me. I've found HD26's to be much harder wearing than I thought they would be, nothing is showing any signs of weaing out in over 18 months of heavy use, which is also excellent. HD26's are a liitle heavier and bulkier than 25's so putting them on with one hand is slightly less easy, but more confortable once they're on.

I like HD26's and I've finally escaped that fiddling with spade connectors that used to drive me nuts on the HD25's (five pairs, I tried hard with HD25's!)

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