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EcoFlex 10 Low-Loss Antenna cable

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Can anyone share experience using EcoFlex 10 Low-Loss Antenna cable. It has really good technical references. I am curious how easy is to wrap a cable on a long distance if it's not on a reel drum. 


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Depends on what you call long distance.

I'm using Ecoflex 10 cables, as well as RG213 cables, on a regular basis. Usually they are 10 to 20 meters long, so I would not consider that long distance at all. Still here is what I could say:

It is rather bulky, but definitely manageable by hand (I never use a reel drum for them). I guess a cable up to 50 meter long might still be manageable by hand, but that would be the limit, and it's only an estimation: I might be wrong.

Ecoflex 10 cannot bend as much as the audio cables we are used to, so it usually make a roll with a slightly larger diameter. It would also mean that if a reel drum would be needed, it's diameter should be sufficiently large to accommodate it.


Hope it helps,


Best regards.



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