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Recommendations for Recording Exercise Audio

Christopher Salazar

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Hi! Any tips or tricks to use when recording a workout session. 


The instructor is bouncing on mini trampoline while giving a presentation on the exercise. To the instructors credit she never sounds out of breath, but maintains a good level of volume. 


Has as anyone had success with such a gig? What tools and techniques worked for you?


 Thanks for reading this!

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We just did a shoot with a tabata class and the DPA d:fine dual ear model. It worked out really well, and the directional capsule version we used sounded great and completely rejected the routine music being pumped at a reasonably loud volume over a monitor in the room. I'd avoid a single ear design as they tend to flop around too much, and that's a bad thing when a mic like that gets off axis or too far from the source. Placement MATTERS, so pay attention when you're mic'ing up talent and have them audition a few of their more radical moves. I suppose you could opt for an omni version of a mic like that, and it would be less sensitive to precise placement, but I would think the best bet is the directional capsule, as music often plays for exercise routines.

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