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Hello everybody 

I'm a freshly owner of a wonderful Nomad 10 !


I bought it used and the battery to maintains clock is dead...


I'm very affraid to open the nomad...

I saw a post about this topic but the photo is not enough to understand how to do...

The xlr input is gone ! 


Maybe somebody from here can shoot a video about the disassembly ? 


It will be very very nice ! 


Thank you so much !


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Nothing to be afraid of.


Remove all screws from top and bottom of case. Note the longer and shorter screws and where they go.


There are another 4 screws (I believe) that hold the XLR board in place. Remove them and the ribbon cable if you are comfortable with that. I think you can still change the battery without completely removing the XLR board.

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I did it myself a year ago or so.

It´s easy as long as you do it carefully and paying attention ( as jason says about the screws).

and make sure about the battery model needed, there´s a very common battery used in domestic devices with an almost exact name that is a little bit smaller.


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When installing a replacement internal battery, it is a good idea to carefully burnish the contact areas of the unit and the battery.  Also a drop of electrical contact cleaner such as Deoxit on the contact points is a good idea.  So little current travels through those contacts that any resistance from oxidation can be an issue.  The same reason you should occasionally roll the AAs in a remote control as it burnishes the contacts.


Also, it's not a bad idea to roll AAs as you install them into a transmitter although a transmitter draws more current so oxidation is less of an issue.


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