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Leaving the USA to live and work in the UK


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On 1/26/2019 at 9:54 PM, Bgood said:

Will be leaving the United States soon and relocating to the UK. Any assistance with understanding location sound mixing and recording in the UK and Europe will be greatly appreciated.


I genuinely wish you the best of luck, but..... I am intrigued as to how you have come to this decision... love... lust... stupidity......??? Give us a few clues.. In which genre do you work? What circumstances have brought you to the conclusion that the UK is 'the place to be' ? What was dissappointing you in your career in the (I make an assumption) US? What research have you done? Might I asume that you have a UK relative, so can get through the 'ability to work' thing. 


I really do wish you the best of luck. I really hope that you are arriving with already in place contacts 😉





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Hey Guys. Thanks for the replies.

 I am currently seeking a location-based Production Sound teaching position in the UK. 


I’m wondering about any equipment rental houses that are available to Sound technicians in the UK. Who’s around and operating in the London area? Yorkshire Cities Area?

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On 29 January 2019 at 1:53 AM, Rich Reilly said:

It is really hard to get a proper crumpet here...


Here's golden opportunity to not bother telling an entire joke but just give the punchline. The punchline is;

"Hong Kong, really? ... Is it true you can't buy a Stottie Cake in Manchester?"


To the original poster, BGood; I realise I'm the least qualified to suggest this (as The Immoral Mr Teas - and I'm certain any Immorals won't help much in getting anyone a teaching position) but telling us your name, your experience, credits etc might just help a little for us to know how to help you.


Like Simon, I presume it may be a family or marital situation that preempts such a move: myself, as someone who has lived and worked in Europe throughout my career and now expect a chaotic and calamitous future, the UK would be the last on my wish list as a move. Education might be less affected by the current shitstorm but I frankly doubt it.


Most of the folks here, including myself, operate in the London area. I come from north of Yorkshire so know the cities fairly well, although I don't work there (nor do production sound recording, nor teach - I'm post) so I'm sure if you tell us a little more about yourself and ask some specific questions someone will be well placed to help out.


All the best, and good luck, Jez Adamson

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My experience with location-based Production Sound is not something I feel the need to discuss. Having worked 15+ years’ within the Film and Television Industry with active memberships in both C.A.S. and the IATSE union,  can demonstrate that I indeed am involved with Sound Production. My name and onscreen credits have nothing to do with my post.


 I have found the company Pinknoise as one of the gear providers in the UK. Can someone recommend any other equipment rental houses in the London or Yorkshire area?


 Thank you,

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Thank you, Philip. I agree with you. I have only come across the Pinknoise website, but am very impressed with their inventory. 


Here in the United States us Production Sound folks are blessed by having TrewAudio, Location Sound Inc. Gotham Sound, Second City Sound, and others as rental house options.


 I would like to know what Companies other than Pinknoise can offer purchase and/or rental  support to location-based Sound Technicians? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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are on the outskirts of London at Elstree Studios. and my go to place for anything i need to buy or hire, and will generally do everything in their power to make sure you have what you need.

www.soundkit.co.uk are another excellent supplier. though i dont think that they deal with rental, just sales. and based in Wales, which is neither London or Yorkshire.

https://audiodept.co.uk are also london based, in Chiswick, west London. and are more rental than sales I believe. at least, i have rented more from them than i have bought.

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