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Tentacle Sync E & Canon 7D Audio/Video Offset

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Did my first shoot with a Tentacle Sync E, a Canon EOS 7D Mk 1 and a Sound Devices 10T. All went well until the import of the video and audio files into Tentacle Sync Studio. The software checks that the timecode is correct and shows that the audio and video are in sync. Except that they're not: the video lags the audio track, on which the LTC is recorded by, according to some research that I did on the internet, "1-2 frames" and you can correct for that that in the Tentacle software. However, clips from later takes still looked to be out of sync and needed 4-5 frames of correction. As this was a quick and dirty session, there was no slate (I don't normally do this kind of thing and there was no money to rent one) so it was pretty much suck it and see, but all now seems to be OK after some trial and error.


Is this sort of thing normal with DSLR cameras?





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Did sound for a feature film last year with 2x Panasonic GH5 cameras, and we had initially a problem in which the audio was consistently off by a few frames. 

However it appears this is a flaw with all GH5 cameras, in that the camera starts recording the video first then only starts recording the audio a few frames later. 

Perhaps the same is happening with your situation. 

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