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waveagent metadata edit

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I have a poly that I split.  The track info window bears the names I'd like to import to PT.  But I can't figure how to use the metadata editor to do that.  Or is that a step in poly split that I missed?

Or is WA not capable of that step?

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What exactly are you trying to do?  Your post is unclear to me.

Are you trying to import only selected channels from a poly WAV into pro tools?  If so, you can split the poly WAV into mono WAV's with waveagent and import only the mono files you want, or you can just import the whole poly WAV into PT and in the clip bin select only the tracks you want to use and drag and drop them on the timeline.

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In pro tools you have control over what information you see and where.  First thing, familiarize yourself with the view menu, especially the clip view shows sub menu. 

The clip bin has its own menu where you can choose what metadata to display. 

Next I would suggest you dig a little deeper into the PT manual to see how it interacts with and displays metadata.


BTW, this has nothing to do with splitting a poly file as you reference in your original post.  

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the track name does show in view/clip, but I'm looking to show the track name on the track "write " strip.

" BTW, this has nothing to do with splitting a poly file as you reference in your original post.   "

if that is indeed the case, then I guess WA cannot accomplish track/clip name to "write" strip.

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What is a "write" strip?  Are you referring to the name of the track in pro tools?  If so, try this:

Import the poly WAV into pro tools clip bin (not new track), the select the channel you want to work with and drag and drop into the dark gray area of the timeline where no other tracks exist.  This should create a new track named after the channel name.  This is the only way I can think of the have pro tools automatically name a track after the channel name. 


It seems like you might be expecting something you do in Wave Agent to affect something in  Pro Tools.  This is impossible since Wave Agent and Pro Tools are independent pieces of software that have no interaction with each other whatsoever.

Or maybe I yet again don't understand what you are trying to achieve??  If so, please elaborate and possibly use screen shots or photos to highlight your problem because I think I am not understanding your terminology.

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