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MIDAS DM16 mixer - first timer's questions


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I have just unpacked and am testing this this mixer. The quick start guide is very brief.


2 questions


1. It looks like when phantom power is applied, it is necessarily done across ALL possible inputs at once, is that so? (in this case, I will want to avoid connecting a receiver output directly to the mixer's inputs)


2. I'm not yet able to monitor the final mix out, only the prefade mics. I'm missing something in the monitoring section, but have not discovered it yet. Once out of PFL mode, headphones and metering go back to silence, despite having mics open and a proven signal leaving via main outs (master L and R). 20 years of experience with compact field mixers, so I'm in adaptation mode today!


Thanks - Grant.


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I also do not have any experience with that particular model mixer.  I have used the Midas large format analog consoles in clubs and concert venues.. I'm sure there is a mode to monitor the L-R output someplace.

In my experience, it was budget consoles and mixers that had global or groups of Phantom Power inputs. Balanced wireless receiver connections should not be a problem with Phantom Power, just like a balanced dynamic mic, but unbalanced gear can be a problem, for instance the Sennheiser EK series portable receiver is unbalanced.

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