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Sennheiser G4 - 112P vs 512P?


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3 hours ago, Constantin said:

Yes, the antenna sma mod is one way, but I‘ve never actually done that. 

Sort of night and day difference. You have to see it to believe it. 🙂


1 hour ago, Mattias Larsen said:

That said, I sometimes find the sk100 a bit prone to drop outs, so if you will ever shoot anything not directly line of sight

The mod will greatly help against that.

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In my opinion, I don't like  DPA ( expecially 4070.....) i find more interesting for your use , Mke 1, its sounds very good , very easy to hide. Mke 2 and Mke 1 are the best to avoid the background noise. DPA 4060 it's overvalued, for me the best lavalier is Cos 11D. The mk1 it's very usefull in a heavy traffic situation , on a very crowd location, or when the clothes are very light you can hide easily. The system 112 or 500? 500 with 50Mw Rf power could help in some situations, but are very the same.


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