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weatherproof micing setup


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hi all,


for a wildlife documentary, i am researching possibilities for longtime mic-installations in full out weather... as this sounds like quite a contradiction, i wonder if anyone of you has experience to share regarding this topic.

the mics ( at least the capsules ) will be high up in trees, installed by crane, as are some endoscopic cameras. everything is cabled down to ground for signal, powering etc. once breeding season starts, we cant get close anymore.


i am posting in the diy section, because i think the solutions from the shelf will not work here....


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No, unfortunately. I have not. 


In my opinion all location sound equipment will fail or deliver unacceptable results in the environmental conditions before you finish a job like the one you describe. 


I suggest contacting them and seeing if they are open to hearing your requirements. I have no experience with the company. 


Your probably going to have to have a heated container to keep the mixer/recorder alive. 


Please let let us know how this ends up. I am a very big fan of nature doc work. I really look forward to seeing what you all get!!!





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Hi Dalton, will get back to you if youre interested. The project likely spans for 2+ years, as alot of the targeted situations are seasonal. If you missed it this winter, you gotta wait 10 months. Some of the picture is already done, but mostly without sound ( long lenses, noise, etc).

Yes, nature docs are fun to do, lots of improvising. In the last weeks we did some tests to bring micarrays on heliumballoons high up in the middle of big birdswarms. the outcome is promising, very interesting perspective.


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