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David Waelder

Chinhda bracket for Sound Devices 744/702

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Joe D’Augustine and I have been working to clear out items from Chinhda’s old shop and we have available several brackets to hold Sound Devices 744/702 recorders.
For anyone not familiar with Chinhda, he was a machinist and engineer of remarkable skill and ingenuity. He began making specialty carts for Mike Denecke and went on to build carts for many of the top sound mixers. A remembrance of him can be found in the Spring 2018 edition of Production Sound and Video:
The bracket holds a 744/702 series recorder securely. Like all of Chinhda’s products, no modification of the recorder is necessary. One simply opens the wings of the bracket, slides in the recorder and clamps the wings closed. Your sound cart could be turned upside down or even, God forbid, be tumbled down a hillside without the recorder coming loose.
The bracket features an open structure that gives free access to the flash media card and to all audio and interface connections.
It is machined from aluminum and has an anodized finish. Hardware to secure it to a shelf is included.
These brackets are offered at $100 each, a fraction of the original price. Funds received benefit Chinhda's daughter, Kathy.
Please review the pictures below. Contact us with orders or questions at: chinhda@sbcglobal.net








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Added mention of Kathy, Chinhda's daughter

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