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New and smaller Ambient Lockit announced


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The newly announced ACL Lockit has a RRP of US$599 (pre order price: US$499)





I dunno, think I’d rather get a TCS Ultrasync ONE instead? (although the Lockit has the one cool feature of comparing two timecode sources to see if they match!) 


However, of course if you’re already in the Ambient family then it makes a lot of sense to get this new product to preserve your existing cable investment. 

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oh definitely! When I think about it, if you want replaceable batteries, I reckon this is the best TC box option? 

But I'm pretty happy with my non-replaceable Tentacles / USOs! 🙂 As with a battery life which is way past a couple of dozen hours I never have to worry about a thing! And they recharge back up again super fast as well. 

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8 hours ago, Vincent R. said:

Or call them yourself?

Actually, I’ve done that in the past and found that often the people who have the answer to those kinds of questions are out of the office, running the booth at NAB.

I was hoping someone had an answer when I checked back and saw a new post here. But hey, I’m glad you bothered to join the thread for the sole purpose of your helpful suggestion. You should get a hat.

If I get the info, I’ll post it.

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8 hours ago, NathanWBS said:

The Lockit will start shipping in the Summer, no exact dates confirmed as of yet though.






I also got an email response saying they hope to ship late June/early July.

And, “The pre-order discounts will be valid till we actually know when shipping starts, we’ll send out another news.”




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