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Sanken CMS-50, a very compact Mid-Side shotgun for US$1750 (coming this June)


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The unique CMS-50 is a 5.4″ compact stereo condenser shotgun that weighs only 4.6oz. The mic is especially suited to shoots where tight patterns and premium sound are the goal. It can be camera mounted without interfering with even a short lens, yet still provide the quality of audio demanded by today’s professionals.

It is an M-S (Mid-Side) configuration which makes it possible to adjust the stereo width from mono to stereo at the mixer or in post production. The shotgun includes two outputs, a cardioid and figure of 8, which can be fed into the mixer for width adjustments. If both outputs are recorded then width can be managed in post. 

Like all Sanken shotguns it is rugged and dependable with a wide range of applications where sound clarity and noise rejection are critical requirements. 



CMS-50 with GS-23 ShockmountCMS-50 Polar Pattern Mid

CMS-50 Polar Pattern Side

CMS-50 Frequency Response Mid

CMS-50 Frequency Response Side


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2 hours ago, SWDuncan said:

Just saw that Full Compass has this mic for $895, but I have yet to find a review anywhere. 


I had to look that up to check! Maybe they've got a mistake on their website

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I wonder when they figured it out. I'm no expert at M/S recording, but the mic is great. I'm using it mostly for field recording for an experimental film and it's perfect for my needs: so small in a CiInela Cosi, combined with a mixpre 3 ii, it makes for a small package I can slip in a backpack and hike miles easily.

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When I search for CMS-50 I get four threads:


The first is this one, and discusses mainly price: https://jwsoundgroup.net/index.php?/topic/33056-sanken-cms-50-a-very-compact-mid-side-shotgun-for-us1750-coming-this-june Chucklebeans does state it’s easy to carry.


Second is this one, with a cross reference to the first thread: https://jwsoundgroup.net/index.php?/topic/29531-ms-mic-for-documentaries


Third is this one, which ends with a comment about it being on a boat to the US: https://jwsoundgroup.net/index.php?/topic/33526-sanken-reveals-a-new-short-stereo-shotgun-mic/&tab=comments#comment-361813


Last one talks about wind protection, but no comment on the mic’s performance. https://jwsoundgroup.net/index.php?/topic/34735-windshield-for-sanken-cms-50/


What am I missing? Am I using the wrong search term?


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This CMS-50 is a cardio MS right?


Anybody knows of a short shotgun mic in MS config "close" to the size of this CMS-50?


I was thinking of buying the Minicmit and add my CCM8 but I don't find any small windshield configuration for it.

I usually use the CCM41 and CCM8 in a LEO MS on my camera but would love to have something more directional.


Thanks for any input.





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I cant recommend the Pearl.MSH 10 enough..its not that compact a bit longer than a sennheiser 8060 fits in a rycote 2 basket ..the hyper (M) capsule is great in mono int and ext.. The S has about the same S/n as the schoeps fig 8 the M is very quiet..the very latest version has good RFI protection..older versions can have new RFI board fitted..

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