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Wireless video revisited


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One plus for the Cineeye 2S is that it is 5G, not 2.4G. The advantage being that there are 20 channels that don't overlap, whereas with 2.4G, of 13 channels, only 3 don't overlap. With 2.4G, as soon as you go over three transmitters, the transmitters are stepping on each other and interfering/slowing down. That's something to consider for all 2.4G wireless equipment that has become so popular.


With 20 channels, there's a much better chance of being able to coordinate channels and not step on each other.

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20 hours ago, Erob said:

We had turn the hollyland off after an hour because it was interfering with our teradek

I had that exact same experience with the Accsoon. In my case, camera dept was quite helpful and we added a long bar to mount Teradek receiver and Accsoon transmitter further apart from each other which solved the issue

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Has anyone tried any of the products from RF-Links?


I've been wondering if I could use a GX-68 and take an output of of my antenna distro to send to one of their receivers. It's analogue, but I'm not fussed with quality, just need to see which talent is in front of the camera in reality TV.

It would be an expensive experiment...

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