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Some day, we might be able to go back and 'fix it in prepro'

Jay Rose

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Researchers have sent a very tiny simulated atom back in time a fraction of a second, using a small public quantum computer.
In other words, while you can't know both its velocity and the location at the same time, they've managed to compute how a wave function "got here" and reverse both to where it started. While complexity increases geometrically, a much larger future computer could conceivably scale this up. Yes, it was only a few qubits, on a tiny slice of IBM's smallest quantum computer. But consider how far binary computers have come in the past fifty years...


[Please forgive the whimsical topic line. This is much more important than that.]

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Very cool.


ive been pondering something similar but in terms of surveillance  .  With gravity bending light in space , light might be only able to travel so far without bending back around .


Imagine a future where we can look back at earth a la google maps and see light movement of history .  Colonial Britain ,  ancient Asia , dinosaur era all holographic in substance , but we are able to see actual events as they played out via telescope .  Technically every thing that we do outside now could possibly be seen by our future ancestors. 


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