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Countryman Isomax 2 All Purpose Microphone for dialogue

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Hi guys,  

was wondering if this mic could be used for dialogues on a sennheiser g3 tx, or a lectrosonics smqv tx in noisy environments. 

i was looking for a cardioid lav for noisy situations. 

looking everywhere but found no answer regarding dialogue recording for film and broadcast purposes. 

Pls advise .thank you in advance



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Cardioid lavs are kind of a specialty device and not used that often for dialogue. They're more susceptible to wind noise, and there's also the problem of the talent moving their heads during normal conversation. I haven't found they necessarily keep out more noise than other mics in noisy environments. I did find that

they're sometimes better for resisting feedback in live stage situations, but only "somewhat," depending on actor's position. 


Audio-Technica, Countryman, DPA, Sennheiser, and Shure all make cardioid (and even super-cardioid) lavalier mics, but my advice would be to test them before committing to a purchase. You may find that noise-reduction in post or ADR are more practical solutions for noisy locations.

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