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Wisycom - Performance difference between MTP40S & MTP41S

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a guy from a sound store told me, that there is a difference between the WISYCOM MTP40S & MTP41S in performance. The MTP40S should have a better performance and 

Can someone confirm this?
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42 minutes ago, Attila said:

Yes phantom power is right. But both have the limiter.


An  on the Wisycom Website the MTP40S is pictured with the linear function. The MTP41S is not. So does both have the linear mode?



As far as I can see having promoted 'LINEAR' with a banner, Wisycom sloppily neglect to tell you what it is, which leads one to the conclusion that it might be just a promotion name.
Even if you downoad the manual and search for 'linear' there's no results found. If that's how they do business, I'm put off right from the start!

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After searching I found a Video that explain the linear function. It´s about avoiding intermodulation. 

It will be explained at 6:00 



and here at 3:30



Sadly this function is not explained in the user manual...

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THE single-battery transmitter presumably has a limiter but it has no menu option for limiter, so it can't be defeated.  The dual battery version has limiter on and limiter off menu option.


The maximum RF output on the single-battery version is 50mw while on my dual-battery transmitters it is 100 mw.  There may be a higher-output version available.  I don't have the latest firmware installed, so some of these details may have been changed with newer firmware.

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So the Wisycom support answered :


The only difference between 40 and 41 are the battery life, the RF max power (MTP41 can’t go up to 100mW) and it can’t power the PHA48 to supply phantom power, outside for these points MTP40 and 41 are absolutely the same range and audio wise.



All the MTP41S in Band 7 (470-663Mhz) we produce now will feature the LINEAR technology.



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