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Wireless boom with A10


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Hi all,

Its about Audio ltd A10 for wireless boom. I recently changed to this setup and got some trouble with rf/noise picked up by the mikes/cabling. Especially my ccm41's in cinela osix are unusable. Does someone have similar experience? 

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Yes, i have got the cables from audio with the filter built into the plug. 

Works well with dpa 4017/4018 and ok with senn mkh 50. 

With Schoeps ccm lots of noise. Tried removing the connection XLRshell/ground in the Cinelas, but that didnt make any difference.

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Hi Mateuf,

I have a cmc5 preamplifier with some mk capsules, and this is my experience; I know it's not a ccm, but maybe can help for a comparison.

I can not use my cmc5 with a A10 tx, because of the RFI noise from the A10tx: I owned the first version of Audio Ltd lemo to xlr cable (blue cap), that has a filter inside, but the RFI noise was too much.

I purchesed the new a-filter and assembled a new cable exactly following the instructions on Audio Limited website, and to double check I sent them some pictures of the connections I did: they say I did everything right.

But the new cable, directly connected to the preamp, behave exactly as the first one: too much RFI noise.

Then I tested some cmc6 preamps of a friend of mine with both the old and the new filtered cable: indipendently from the cable used, the old cmc6 preamps, with black xlr connector, are noisy like the cmc5; the new ones, with golden xlr connecotor, are celan.

When I sent an email to the service center, they told me to send my preamp back to Shoeps to get it upgraded.

At this point I don't understand what is their new filter for, since it seems to be ineffective on the old cmc preamps.

I had and still have no problem at all with my DPA4017b.


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Hi Marco,

I had the same issue with my A10tx and CMC6 preamp and CMIT-5u as well, just too much RFI noise. All my Sennheiser boom microphones work great with the A10 system. Back to the Noise issue, I thought this was a broken (Blue Cap) cable out of the box, but it wasn't I pulled the next new (blue cap) cable out and observed the same problem, Noise. The noise does seem to fluctuate when moving the Blue Cap cable, from OK to bad to worse. I'm no electrical engineer, but I believe the issue is the cable itself. It might be too thin to shield a clean signal to the transmitter. Also, I already had one of these (blue Cap) cables die already on the lemo end ( I do not like these connectors).

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  • 2 years later...

I am using this system for the first time and it was working ok with CMC6 +mk4 or mk41 up until today when one tx gave me a loud hiss. Changing the XLR fem to lemo3 filtered cable solved the problem.

We did not had any mishandling of the cable, how can it be damaged suddenly and obviously a component issue? 

My colleagues told me this issue is frequent and wisely advised to get many spares. 

If the issue is known and this post is already 2 years old how comes no improvement been made by audio limited?

can we secure the online electronic in some way in the connector?

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I've been using the A-10 system since they were first introduced, and with my Schoeps CMC641's there has never once been an issue with RF noise. I've used them exclusively with Cinela and Rycote mounts.

Now, on my older Neumann 81 and 82  there was a buzz. The workaround for those older mics was to apply a small strip of electrical tape over the release of the XLR, depressing it slightly, and this has worked every time.

Ideal? NO, but it works.

Also, the original blue cap cables I believe were too short. I keep them for backups, but I use the newer, longer versions with the A-filter built in.

I guess I've just been lucky.

Audio Ltd should be addressing your issues. However, they are now owned by Sound Devices and I'm not sure what their level of commitment is at present regarding the A-10's.

Attached is a photo of my typical interior setup.







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