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Np50 Bulk Charger V3.0 Travel edition (on request 16 Bay UPDATE)


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On 10/20/2021 at 9:01 PM, Shastapete said:

Found the time to get Joppe's charger into my charge case. Looks right at home, perfect fit!


Nice one thank you for the picture !
Also nice USB leads, for timecode devices ?
i hope you will enjoy the charger, if you got any questions feel free to ask.

Kind regards Joppe Peelen

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  • 1 month later...

It has been quite the year !!

And i have to thank you all for putting trust in me and my product.
And i hope everyone that owns one enjoy using them (sorry about the disco in every hotel room)
For the people that are still on the waiting list, my list is almost gone and i bought allot of stock for parts, so i should be able to deliver faster.

i send everyone an email to wish you all happy holidays, but some might not be in my current list. 
So thank you once more to make this possible and enjoy the holidays!

Kind regards Joppe Peelen

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  • WrineX changed the title to Np50 Bulk Charger V3.0 Travel edition (on request 16 Bay UPDATE)

Since the waiting list is almost gone, i had some time to make a request for a 16 bay version (several  people asked for one, but i could not make one since there where so many pre orders).  i still recommend 2 x 8 bay because of redundancy , but if you got many to charge, or want to have as small of a kit possible. this is it. 16 bays charging in one go. same specs as the smaller 8 bay in terms of speed. it does use a slightly more powerful power brick of course.  that can also be used on the smaller one if needed.  Both can be used on a cart battery as well if it is able to supply 20 watts for the 8 bay and 40 watts for the 16 bay charger.
DC voltage range for the 16 bay = 12-24volt 40 watts

Price is 650 Euro ex VAT ex shipping compared to 350 for the 8 bay. both can be ordered by contacting me
More specs about the 8 bay can be found on  www.wrinex.com (webshop part not yet up) 




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  • 4 months later...

Been a while, due to vacation and having to clear a house out. not much had happened from my end as well in terms of orders. but i do not take vacation so if someone still is interested in a charger feel free to contact me here or on wrinex.com

have a good one and enjoy the weather, i know i do :)

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