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Jeff Wexler

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  • 2 years later...


one of my ''better'' recordings is with derek and clive ; alias peter cook and dudley moore..

i was in lime grove dubbing theatre 2, upstairs; when who should come in, but those two...!

 so quickly i put up 3k of 16mm magstock and ran.

i had made the correct decision , as it was obvious they were both ''on form''....

3 lots later , we realised they were becoming, and us , a 'little exhausted''

so refreshments were ordered.

they were in the comentry booth , with a  mic i still have, a bi-directional 27volt sennheiser ,

 when t'was said .. ''could be getting fainter'' as they were both on the floor by this time....!... then ''testing , testing'' followed by the most enormous belch and simultaneous fart.....!

 the recoding made history.

 luv em or loathe them ... most find them incredibly funny.

 alvin ; aka patrick; aka ''hugh strain''

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