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Wisycom 3 Pin Lemo wiring


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I am switching from Lectrosonics  (TA5) to Wisycom (Lemo 3 Pin)  and want to wire my mics by myself. But unfortunately can´t find informations about some models like


Sennheiser MKE-2

Tram TR-50


Maybe someone can help me?



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Hi Attila, 


With a DPA lavs it is screen to pin one and chassis then signal wire to pin three. This is the same for countryman lav mics too such as the B6.


With a Sanken COS11 lavs it is white and screen to pin one and chassis then black to pin three.


An MKE 2 would be blue and screen to pin one and chassis then red to pin three.


I am not certain of Tram mics as it depends on the age as they can have different colors of wires. The newer versions have two black wires as well as the shield but one of the black wires is actually just a red wire with a little extra coating.


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