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AVID S3 Issue?


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Hello All,


So I'm noticing a weird thing in EuControl when trying to create a layout and assign tracks to it for my S3?  Let me preface by saying I run on Windows.


I'm able to pull up EuControl from the S3 (Shift + Sel).

EuControls Sees Protools (I have my session open with the track's I'd like to add in the Assign page).


But in EuControl's  Assign tab all channel strips (1-16) which are by default set to auto assigned, won't let me change them. 
If I click on the dropdown nothing happens!  (I have display applications track numbers checked).


Further, if I switch to the Layouts tab, it won't let me name my Layout.  If I double click into an empty space everything greys out and nothing happens.  I won't accept any typing.


Has anyone else had this issue?  if so, how did you fix it?


Tried support and it's been hours -- no call back.  


Thanks,  John

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