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Digital Recording Wireless Seminar June 24

Guest Glenn

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Guest Glenn

On Saturday June 24 at 1:00 PM I will present a seminar on “Recording

Digital Wireless Microphones†to Local 695. The Seminar will cover all

aspects of the benefits of digital wireless over current radio

technology. There will be real time demonstrations of audio quality and

transmission range as well as demonstrations of the multi-track wireless

microphone recording capability. (Pat Pend)

We will answer the question of how to transition from current workflow

to a workflow that does not depend solely on the reliability of RF

microphone links in an environment of diminishing spectrum.

The entire wireless system will be on display as well as the Deva V with

Mix12 control surface. The TRX990 boom pole audio system will be

highlighted as well.

I am planning a very informative and scientific presentation. I hope you

can attend and that you will invite any one you know connected with

sound for picture.

The event is scheduled for Sat., June 24th from 1-4pm. It will

be at the Ince Theater, 9050 Washington Blvd. Culver City, CA, 310-202-3253.

9050 Washington is the gate to enter, there is free parking and plenty of

it. The theater in on the corner of Ince St. & Washington, the gate is

mid-block on Washington, and it's directly across from a Toyota/Honda


To sign up for the seminar please call Sally Kraus at 323-937-8866 or email at edu@695.com.

I hope to see you all there.



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Wish I could have been there!

If there is any streaming video available of this anywhere on the web, I would appreciate a URL.

I'm assuming Trew Audio, so I'll also keep an eye open there...

While Im at it, does anyone know of any good streaming video's of interest for production sound? I've been looking, and have turned up precious little.


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