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FUZE Ti: Slate Panel Sizes

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For those of you not up to date on our development head on over to our Facebook for some details on the new design using brighter LEDS (no pricing yet): https://www.facebook.com/FUZETi/


For now, I'm looking primarily for input from those who own slates or in the market for one, on what kind of slate sizes you prefer. Be it you only ever use compact slates, only ever use the standard 11" slates, or would like the option to switch back and forth, perhaps even an over sized slate, or whatever use case you have in mind. Below are the prototype panels in comparison to our current MRE slate as well as the basic dimensions of the two panels. Love to hear your thoughts!





panel face dimension.JPG

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I primarily use full sized slates. I’ve heard ACs say that they prefer them because there is more room to write, are visibly bigger for the camera, and hang from the fingers when slating with one hand in a good way, whereas smaller slates have a tendency to tilt. 


That said, I’ve recently built a new bag cart with drawers and need a smaller slate. I see you have a real small one for sale. I may be ordering one soon!

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I don't have a TSC on hand to make any side by side comparisons at the moment. From what I can remember of the TSC, I think the compact panel proto itself is slightly smaller than the TSC's face panel?


With this design the display is attached to the panel with four screws, so switching up panel sizes is simple and you could make your own panel if you really wanted to hehe. For now I can only make and stock so many panels so I just need to figure out the ideal size/quantity to go forward with production:-)

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I have owned an ambient Slate, a Denecke TSC and a Denecke TS3. I prefer the Denecke TSC.


The nice thing about the ambient was the removable faceplate. For when you wanted a larger slate.


With The way productions and technology are going, smaller and more compact are generally preferred with every piece of gear.


I generally travel with an insert slate with sticks, rather than a full-size slate.

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