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Csaba Major

Cantar X3 Bag

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Hello everybody!


I’m a New USER for Cantar X3. I need a good bag for it. I’m using with it a LECTROSONICS Octopack, and two Sennheiser Sk2000 transmitter. Maybe I gonna use a spare  NP1 battery. 

Thats it. Can somebody give me some advise and detailed photos about the Cantar bag? 

I think there is 3 option:

- original Aaton bag

- orca OR49

- Protogear Canada


i’m gonna happy with any photos, and details! 


Thanks for your help!

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I really like the Canadian Protogear bag. Got a chance to see Chris Giles’s bag and it was pretty sweet. Still haven’t ordered mine yet but it seems like one of the best I’ve seen. That being said, the original Cantar bag also works great but might require some tinkering to get that octopack on there....

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Well the problem with the original X3 bag is that it would fit an octopack. BUT you could make it fit. I followed Tim Whites suggestion to mod the bag to fit the PSC 6-pack. And I guess it could be done with the Octopack as well. 


First you you need to find a way to secure the Octopack onto the X3. So it becomes one unit. There are other people made this happened with different kind of solutions. Friction hinges or brackets (search on Aaton Cantar’s Facebook page, or write there and ask)


Then you need to fabricate a L-shaped piece to connect to the bottom of the original bag, around the Octopack onto the sides of the X3 bag. Hard to explain like this. Look at these photos instead:








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Humble thought: Talk to Kortwich.

Just looked. It seems, they do not advertise their bags any more, for whatever reason.

Their inhouse tailor used to be very open to custom solutions.

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On 8/23/2019 at 10:05 AM, Csaba Major said:

But I have find the tailor. Here is his name and email address:


Humble question: Are u sure she is comfortable having this posted here publicly?

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