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Any Drummers out there

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My utility, Marcus Petruska is one of the best drummers around. I think he is the player on the first Zac Brown record among other great recordings. He just recently got off a several year stretch with a popular country singer named Corey Smith. He is amazing to watch and has timing like a Denecke box. I used to play with him in a group know as Big Atomic. Rumor has it a new record might be in the works. :)


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The Drum Doctor

Uploaded by Media Bird

From Frank Sinatra to Johnny Cash, Michael Jackson to Metallica, master drum craftsman and technician, Ross Garfield, is responsible for some of the world’s most iconic drum sounds. This is the story of the man behind the drums.


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Hey guys and gals,

Another drummer here. It's quite amazing how many drummers end up doing this kind of work. I think its maybe because its an acoustic intrument with a wide dynamic range that gets the ears going. Anyways, yep, I'm another drummer to join the pool party...

My favourite drum mics are the Sony C37-a and my Schoeps ccm41/8 ms rig that i sometimes capture ambience with. These guys travel with me to almost every session along with some 44bx's and a 77dx.

Has anyone tried booming with a 44bx? Hehe


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