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Zaxcom ZaxMote remote record roll with TRXLA?

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Has anyone successfully gotten Zaxmote to work properly with the app to put the TRXLA transmitters into and out of record? If so, can you share your settings or take a look at my settings below and see what I'm missing? I feel like I've got to be missing something simple, I just haven't been able to find it yet.


Yes, I've been in touch with the manufacturer. We had a few exchanges trying to troubleshoot, then, about a week ago after I answered a few more questions, they just stopped responding.  I really need to get this working, if the feature is even possible. This advertised ability was a big part of my decision to spend the money to switch over to Zaxcom, since my upcoming show will be in harsh conditions and my kit needs to be kept sealed up and operated remotely most of the time. I won't always be able to put my fingers on the receiver itself to roll the transmitters' internal recorders, and I don't really want them just running all day. And with a main cast of 8, it's not practical to walk around to each cast member before and after each take.


Here's where I'm at:


-I have the Zaxmote dongle plugged in to a QRX100-QIFB running the latest firmware.

-I have 8 TRXLA3.5 transmitters, all running the latest firmware.

-I power everything up, and I get the Zaxmote app (iOS) to successfully connect to the dongle.

-I'm able to successfully change the gain and the frequency in each/all transmitter(s) via the app.

-However, when I press REC in the app, the app shows the status change, but the transmitters never change.

-(if I use the buttons on the transmitter itself, it goes into record just fine)

-Also, if I press STBY on the app, the transmitters do not go into standby. They stay in full power.


I did discover that I can successfully place the TX into REC mode remotely via the IFB EXT MENU in the QRX100. But not from the app. And the Tx is creating audio files on its SD card. 
Here are my menu settings as of right now, for both the TRXLA and the QRX100-QIFB
Test tone: off
Battery: Lith QRX
Stby boot mode: normal
Key lock: unlocked
Low batt stop: 1min
OLED brightness: 2
Dim: 15 seconds
Info: firmware V2-18, SN 8358, DSP: 11 (ZHD), Opt=3, LA3=NC
Encryption: matched to RX
23.98 (timecode reads and syncs correctly from the mixer through the QRX100)
TC Source: Zaxnet (RF)
TC Jam Mode: Auto-Jam
Mute TC Send: on
Auto Frame Rate: On
HPF: 70Hz
2K Notch: on
Dynamics: on & set up
Zaxnet Mode: RX
RX Freq: 2.430 (working)
Rem Ctrl Group: 1
Rem Ctrl Unit =007
Zaxnet Voting: On
Rx to Tc Time: off
TX Power: 50
TX Format: XR
Power Roll: record trigger
TX Disable: Normal TX Mode
Record on boot: Off
Rec Mode: non-loop
Low batt stop: 1min
Format: Mono-XR
RX Mode: Dual
AES-12: off
AES-34: off
AES Outputs: normal
IFB Mix: none
IFB Enable: Yes
Serial Port: Bluetooth
TX Remote Ctrl: On
Use TC from TRX900: Off
RXA Unit: 7
Sony F5 AES: off
AES Rate: normal
Power Saver: Off
Backlight: 29sec
LED Dimmer: off
LED Meter: off
ID: matches encryption in tx
timecode: 23.98 (sync success with mixer)
IFB Home Menu: Ver 1.46 TX2.430
2.430 JAM: —— (From this screen, if I scroll to REC, the TX will enter REC and roll, and if I scroll to STOP, the Tx will stop the roll and return to STOP)
IFB Input Mix: L+R
Remote Power Mode: 0
Input trim: 0dB
Output trim: 0dB
IFB Mode: TX
Rem Ctrl Group: ID=1
TC Output Level: 1.0V
TC Frame Rate: 23.98
TC Jam Mode: Auto-Jam
TC Delay: 0
TCJam Mute Time: 0mS
Audio Delay: Off
Zaxnet Output: On
IFB Tc Power: 7
Always Send Rec Commands: On
Encryption: matches Tx

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I have found that Just recording on powerup is the safest. When I used to have them set up to receive the Record command. Zaxnets range has never been great so.... I’ve just gone with Recording all the time on the Transmitters.

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I am successfully using the zaxmote with 4 of my transmitters. Same set up as you described. I took a day to go through all of my software updates and make sure everything was up to snuff. I need to add some more units to this set up next week for a job I am doing.. I will pay close attention to the settings and report back what I learned. 


Off the top of my head.. The QRX/QIFB has to be set to bluetooth not serial port. That was a killer for me that is not explained anywhere. I just stumbled upon the setting and changed it.


Rem Ctrl Group ID can be uniformly=1 (or whatever) but your item code (? can't remember what exactly they call it) has to be numbered separately per unit 1,2,3..etc. transmitter 1 is 1 transmitter 2 is 2. and so on.


Lastly the thing I was screwing up was the TRX IFB (zaxnet transmitter) ON setting. I found by turning the transceiver off (which was kind of tricky to do-I can't remember what the steps were)..I was able to just focus on receiving the Zaxnet commands. The only reason to have a TRX transmitting IFB is to remote test the quality of the audio with a ERX which I would not have to do. I found that my individual transmitters set to individual Zaxnet frequencies were transmitting bursts of audio on start-up and were interfering in my remote roll commands for other transmitters. This is probably in part because of poor product knowledge and frequency planning on my part. Once I eliminated the feature everything worked great. 

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