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Recording audio for high intensity work outs with an even sound


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I am about to be working on a project featuring some trainers doing high intensity workouts and the producers what to achieve the most even sound possible.  We have done some of these in the past and we would run one lav and a boom, but due to the quick movement, changing positions, the trainers head pointing in different directions, the lav being covered or pressed into the floor for certain positions, the lav track is not always reliable.  When they use the boom to fill in the gaps the sound is quite different and they are trying to figure out a way to get a more even sound throughout.  For some stuff this round we will be using a countryman h6 headset, and this will eliminate a lot of the problems from concealed lav placement.  However they still want to get some of the workouts without a headset and Im wondering if anyone has any tips/ideas to get as even a lav sound as possible in this circumstance.  I suggested possibly hiding two lavs in different positions that where one might be more effective than the other in a particular position, to avoid needing to fall back on the boom.  This is one possibility, but wondering if anyone else out there might have any thoughts?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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is there ''workout'' music going on simultaneously?

this i have found , if very hevilly compressed is a  major problem.

much better , of course if one can provide and control ones own.

 eg  synch playback.

 but beware over compression ...!!!!!! it may sound ok  on the shoot , but after editing it can sound both dreadful and tireing.

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