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941 MHz Band and Licensing Requirements (U.S.)


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With wireless now in our product line, we are exploring where and how customers are using wireless and how FCC licensing affects users choice of system, operating frequencies and power levels. A couple of questions:


  • For those of you in the U.S. operating in the 941 MHz band, was the licensing requirement something you addressed before or after considered operating in that band? How long did it take to get licensed?
  • Again for U.S. users, is the licensing requirement to operate higher than 50 mW in the UHF band an obstacle in day to day use? For those who are licensed, how often are you operating at higher power levels?
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I've had a low power auxiliary license for 10+ years, thanks to the encouragement of Jay Patterson from 695 (and Bill Ruck).

I always operate at 100mw and frequently operate at 250mw. Licensing has never been an impediment.

When the FCC expanded 944 block to 941 and removed the "content producer" requirement, I jumped right in. I've had great success with both 944 and now 941-960.

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I've never come across a situation where power levels were checked, so I don't see the licensing requirement as it relates to power as being a consideration.  The power requirements seem mostly only regulated on the sales side.

Even when working with frequency coordinators at big events or sports games they don't seem to care that I have a license.  I plan on staying licensed, and just generally hope that UHF whitespace devices never substantially materialize.

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I just took the plunge into Block 941 ( 4-19) , I am licensed, since 2012.

The licensing process was fairly easy with Bill Rucks assistance.

I only mentioned  my License call letter and the fact I'd been licensed since 2012 when purchasing the 941s',

no body asked for proof beyond that!

Never been challenged as to what power I operate my trannies!

Never had to bump up past 50MW with the 940 setup!

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