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CL-12 discontinued?

Fred Salles

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Talked to the SD guys at Trewapalooza this weekend and asked them about the discontinuation of the CL-12.  They said that they had to drop something to concentrate on the new scorpio control surface.  They said they will still service the CL-12 just not make them anymore.  I asked if the new control panel would be backwards compatable with the 6 series.  The said likely not.


I think its a bad idea for them to drop this product.  Makes me wish I had never bought a SD 688 last year.  Maybe I'll look into Cantar.

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I can understand why they need to drop the CL-12 production, and I can also understand why it’s annoying to users. But since they‘ll still support it, there’s no problem, unless you have a 6-series recorder and don’t have a CL-12, but want to get one. Once the new controller gets released, though, I‘m sure there‘ll be lots of used CL-12 being sold.

I for one am very happy they decided to build a controller for the Scorpio and hope they’ll get it right. If not I‘ll also joing the Cantar crowd, as their controller is brilliant 

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5 hours ago, Mirror said:

Makes me wish I had never bought a SD 688 last year.  Maybe I'll look into Cantar.

Had Scorpio been announced yet? Then you already knew the 688 has previous generation tech. Not Sound Devices' fault at all.

If however you purchased your 688 just before Scorpio was announced, then that was very unlucky timing!! But that is life, it happens. 

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