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Standoff Lav mounts..


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As near as I can work out,they have a flat bar that is turned up at either end on a 45 degree angle and each end is then flattened off parallel to the base bar....a bit like an inverted drawer handle in your kitchen...it looks like it is made of a something light in weight and the mic attaches to the base by some means that isolates it mechanically from the bar.It could be made of plastic,rubber,or something light....the mic sits in the inverted bar...its looks as tho it might be about an inch and a half long and a quarter inch wide.....the two ends attach to the shirt or clothing  and a space is created for it to sit in and work...I have seen it briefly on several TV shows,some of them from England....it works very well in a chefs outfit....you can actually touch the fabric above the mic and it is pretty quiet..as you can see...I have it fairly clear what it looks like but would be interested to hear from anyone who is using this.

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