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Remote Audio Hi Q battery opinions


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Also, Inspired energy have a 10-24V (solar) charger option if you're feeling like using a green option to charge them. 





The CH7000 desktop smart charger is a standalone unit which provides the capability to carry out charging and fuel gauge calibration independently of the device which uses the battery pack.

The CH7000 works with every smart, standard “N” Series Li Ion and NiMH battery in the Inspired Energy portfolio irrespective of size, shape, voltage, or capacity.

With its multi-voltage power supply, the CH7000 works throughout the world. Variants are available for use in North America (CH7000A) Europe (CH7000E) & the UK (CH7000U).

In addition the CH7000 can operate from any DC voltage between 10 & 25V. This makes it ideal for use with a vehicle cigarette-lighter socket or 12V solar panel.

Operation from a Solar Panel: (Not included)

The CH7000 uses a unique power-sensing circuit to adjust its battery-charge output to suit the constantly changing power available from a solar panel.
In variable sunlight or cloudy weather the CH7000 will continue to charge the battery at the highest possible rate as the power available from the solar panel varies. The CH7000 will cease charging when the input power drops below 1W, but will automatically recommence when the sun comes out & power levels are restored.

The CH7000 is designed for use with 12V nominal solar panels with a minimum 25Watt rating. A solar panel is NOT included with the charger.



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