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Question re Sonosax SX-S Input Modules - Insert/Line In

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I'm told that there are 3 different variants of input modules for the SX-S, and maybe others. There is a Model 211, 212, and 214, according to Adam at Liberman Sound. I just purchased an SX-S8 from Trew, and I'm fortunate (?) to have all 3 of these variants in my mixer. The only distinguishing feature seems to be the switches at the top of the module for phantom power, or lack thereof.


But I have seen photos of SX-S mixers in which there are no insert or direct out jacks on the back of the modules. Can anyone tell me about these modules? Are they common? Any idea what model number they are?




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Hi Ira,


Sorry this thread was so roundly ignored. I didn’t have the time, personally, but wanted to at least give you a response.


For the last 13 years, I used an SX-S10, with 8 input modules, the Aux module, & the SX-F1 film module. I am still a head-over-heels Sonosax fan, so I invested in a used SX-ST, while everyone else is moving over to the recorder-based control surfaces. It’s 8 channels, but what a sweet 8 they are.


Anyway, I can’t speak to your question about the modules with no inserts/direct outs, but I wanted to mention one of the biggest differences between the 212 and 214 modules: the mute vs power button. AKA, the gray button or the red button.

It seemed relevant to another of your threads I ran across with regard to the audible pop to mute the channels.

Forgive me if I’m telling you something you already know. From the SX-S manual:



3.8 ON Switch
        With S-4 on the circuit board in Power position this switch turns the entire power to the module on and off. An
 audible pop will be introduced on the mixer's output if this switch is used during operation. This function is
 useful to conserve power when only a few channels are being used.
 With S-4 on the circuit board in Mute position all power is applied to the module but its output is muted unless
 the switch is depressed. Channels can be preset and switched on to the mix bus during operation with no pop.


I noticed you are also looking for more modules. Good luck on the hunt.


-Brian Copenhagen

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Hi Brian,

Thanks very much for your response here. Yeah, every day or so I check in on this board, notice another "view" or 2 on my post, but no replies. So THANK YOU!


I'm glad to know that you, too, know the difference between variant 212 and 214 of the Input Module. Yes, the gray vs red button is one indicator; also the recessed Pan and Aux Send pots are another indicator of the 214.  But then the wonderful part, of course, is when you open up the unit and see those 3 great S4, S5 and S8 switches. And the S4, as you mentioned, in effect chooses between POP and no pop at the outputs, which is exactly what I want for live mixing with the SX-S.


Glen Trew recommended I take a look at the SX-ST and even the new ES mixers, but, and correct me please if I'm wrong, upon looking at closeups of the modules, I don't think there's an "off" button on either model, much less a Mute button. So I think the 214 modules of the SX-S might be the ONLY way I can get the function I need.


I got a reply from Jacques Sax last week. He says they'll check to see if they have any in storage. Fingers crossed!!



Ira Seigel

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3 hours ago, Trey LaCroix said:

Don’t know exactly what model the inputs are but they have a direct out and an insert. No mute button.



What color is the rectangular button in between the pan and Aux knobs?  212's are red.  214's are grey.



The SX-ST actually has both a power switch on each module, and an On/Mute button:


4.4.5 On/MuteKey[ON]

This key activates or mutes the channel. This function is absolutely noiseless and affects the mix busses 1 to 8, the Pre and Post fader Aux Sends, the channel solo, the direct output and eventually the Insert send/return.

The green Led located just above confirms that the channel is turned [ON].


Interestingly, in production work, it turns out to be a very DANGEROUS button to have close to the fader.  Mixing complex scenes can mean a lot of intuitive finger moves (ie, without looking), jumping around the board between trims and across the faders.  It's a pretty soft touch button, and accidentally hitting the ON button means you mute the channel, not only to the mix, but to the pre-fade ISO as well.  Not good. So, upon the recommendation of another mixer, I had Sonosax put in a delay on the ON button of 125 ms, if I recall.  That way, if I breeze across it, it won't mute immediately.


The SX-ST is a beautiful board.  I didn't think I would notice much difference sonically, but the SX-ST had so much more clarity and fullness.  I may be old school, but I'm happy as a clam with my analog, which doesn't seem to go out of style quite as fast as current trends.  I got my 1983 SX-S10 in 2005, and the 2006 SX-ST in 2017.



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Heyo, I have come to this thread hoping it would save me from all my miserable searching. Haha, but anyway I have been looking pretty long on the internet for a Sonosax SX-VT mixer. All I know about it is that it came out in the late 2000's and that it has an input/channel range of anywhere between 12 and 48. This confuses me because I do not know if there are different versions (like a 16 input one, a 24 input one) but I am really trying to find this specific thing and I am having trouble. A 16 or 24 channel version would maybe help, except again, the problem is it’s been discontinued for quite a while now. If anyone can help me out and let me know if they at least know anyone who has these or where to find them, that would be great and I would appreciate it so much. -Michael : - )

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