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frequency finder for Canada

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I've got a personal project following trail of family ancestors in Ontario and Quebec.  I've got frequency-agile wireless (Wisy-Com),. I have not shot in Canada for about ten years.

(started my career working for CTV projects).  Any advice on operating wireless within the law,  and finding available frequencies in downtown Montreal and downtown Toronto?  I haven't yet located a frequency-finder such as the Sennheiser site, but there must be one (?).  Also any recommendations on audio rental in Montreal?  Thanks, Roger Phenix

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Rick , Thank you.  That was my first thought.  --  I'm not sure I will buy or rent and I hate to ask people to do work for me when it distracts from what they already have on their menu.  On the other hand, I have always had good experience dealing with Trew in TN, GA, and CA.


(I had a friend who called himself Planet O -- he's no longer with us tho...)

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hi I am based in Montreal I use block 19-20-22-26 A-1-B-1 without problem.

there is a frequency calculation application manufactured here and works very well


here is a screenshot of the TV Chanel


for the equipment here we have Transmission Squelch who are specialized in wireless and there are Wisycom depositary



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