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PSA: Please stop using Sony MDR7506

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I use 7506/V6 cans and have for years. That happened due it being the standard when I started.

Much like ProTools and Michelin and Sennheiser, they were and are standardized accepted benchmarks.

Not always the best but a standard.

One can work for a long time with a standard and still get great results and notice differences if one is constantly using a standard.


Definitely, there are better sounding headphones and places to go with that.

For me, it's not always about using the best but rather knowing your tools and having a familiarity with it.


When I get in a car I don't drive much, I first off notice things that are different than my car and may like it. But I will need some time to notice things that are off for that flavor of car. It takes a good while to get to the point where I would notice something amiss whereas I will pick it up quickly when driving my car/7506s.


There's truly more decisions to be made in mic placement and wardrobe than there are in headphones in my world.


There's a whole slew of factors in play with selection but for me, I still use and quite like my daily 7506s.

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