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Nova iso attenuation - fixed w/ v1.68


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Curious to know if other Nova owners are using iso attenuation successfully. i dont recall this item being discussed as of late. I uncovered what might be a glitch with my unit v1.50 unless i am missing something. With attenuation set to off, everything appears to function as normal. when i engage -6dB or more to any or all iso tracks, i lose audio from any inputs assigned to tracks, but the output assigned to tracks stays in place but does not show attenuation at any level. i can still mix inputs to outputs. when i set back to off everything returns to the tracks record enabled, but the faders remain "up" and have to be turned down to reactivate fader control


recorded test and brought into pro tools - image below shows how iso attenuation engaged mid recording seems to cause audio to disappear but only tracks with inputs assigned - digital or analog - and when turned off mid recording audio returns normal. 


leaving attenuation option off for now. i will call zaxom when i get a chance but wanted to see if there is anything crazy i am missing?




nova test.jpg



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Ha ha while i am at it was there any mention on the face book about “error store (1)” when attempting to store presets? I feel like I’ve gone through pretty extensive testing so far and that’s the only other snag I ran into. It would say error in store (1) No matter which of the three store slots I attempted to save. But I did have success saving one to the mirror card. 

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FYI Ken and others.



Posted by Howard Stark from the FB Group a few hours ago:


"Here is Nova version 1.59 (BETA)



1.59 Nov 15

more fixes to frequency changes and auto pick

no longer automatically send freq out zaxnet when RXer freq is changed

1.58 Nov 14

increased IFB module reliability

no longer allow scanning on RX2 and RX4


1.57 Nov 12

attempted to fix Auto-Pan matrix confusion

added auto-pan such that moving a fader changes pan cursor on ENG (Pan) home screen

1.55 Nov 8

moved RX POWER to RX SETUP page (slot1 and slot2 power)

1.54 Nov 8

Fixed jumping RF meters

Fixed ISO ATTENUATION being off by a large amount

No longer reset time and date when there is missing real time clock data"

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After installing 1.66 and speaking with Howy about the particular issues i was having with iso attenuation, i believe we have determined it was partially fixed in 1.54 in that he designed it to be attenuation on single source iso tracks. for me and how i used attenuation on other zaxcom recorders, i was looking to attenuate outs assigned to tracks as well. also selected and unselected tracks to attenuate appeared to not be functioning correctly. he looked at my settings files this morn and mentioned revisiting nomad/maxx code. did not expect a file a few hours later. Howy is the real deal! here is v1.68 attached if anyone wants it. no facebook required for this fix either. amazing





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