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Pairing 411a with SMV L


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Since you reference SMV L, not a specific block, please ensure both are listed as the same block.  If one unit is block 470 and the other is block 19, there is a possibility that they are set to the same frequency (for example, 487.000 is available in both block 470 and block 19) but will have different pilot tones and therefore not pair properly.  If this is the case, you can make them work together by turning off the pilot tone.



Wes Herron -- Lectrosonics

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Yeah so it was 400 on both and when I called lectrosonics they had me bypass the pilot tone to try and get them to pair.  When we did this the receiver just. When sending whitenoise into the recorder.  I tried a few different channels and nothing changed.  


Just decided to send it in.  Seemed like it would be the wise call to make.

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Just making sure you have the transmitter all the way on to transmit (turn on by holding AUDIO and FREQ buttons for 3 seconds - you'll see the count-up). If in RF OFF mode, it should say that in the display.

Do you have access to any other Block 21 transmitters or receivers to isolate the problem to one or the other unit?

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