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SMA antennas and the EK 2000


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Recently I picked up a Sennheiser EK 2000 receiver on eBay for 250 bucks.  At that price I figured it might need some repair but I lucked out- it works great.


My kit also includes 7 other Sennheiser units, all are either G3 or G4 in the 100 series (EK and SK).  I recently modded these units with the SMA antennas using online tutorials and videos and found that they are mostly the same, apart from small design differences.


I have a friend who has also modded the 100 series units, as well as the 500 series.


My question- has anyone here done this modification on a 2000 series unit?  Is it [more or less] the same process?  Are there any pitfalls to be aware of?




This is the mod in question if you're not familiar and just curious:


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