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Best mic for solo interview

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I'm not a pro-video producer, in fact I don't have any experience.. I'm starting an interview project at my job where I need to produce pro level videos of interviews and small conferences/presentations.


I'm building a little home studio to receive my guest and hopefully, they will come to me, but I expect to have to go to them often... mostly in their Clinique's conference room or office.


The project is to 

1. Live stream psychiatrists while they are doing a training in the conference room of a medical Clinique (so other medical clinic can connect and have access to it in real time)

2. Interview the psychiatrist later about their domain of expertise and publish it as a vlog/podcast.


I currently own a

- Canon 80d

- cam link 4k

- Tascam 60D

- Rode procaster

- Audio technica at875r

- Cheap canadian studio light (thinking of going with aputure 120d mark ii): 




and no lavaliers... so my question is, which one should I choose? I was thinking of going with the new Sony uwp-d21 or d26 with an additional transmitter, so I would have 2 lavalier that I would connect to the tascam mixer, but since I use a canon, i was wondering if I would be better off in terms of quality with a seinheiser or countryman etc. 


I have a budget of around 1000$ for the 2 lavalier kit. 


Reviews I find online don't seem to address pro-level audio lavalier.. They are mostly for youtubers and I'm not sure if they really are impartial. I intend to shoot quite a bit of these videos so I want to make sure my audio is

1. Pro-quality

2. "Easily" manageable as I will be IN the video with no one else to help me


What are your thoughts?




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You own a low budget kit, that probably does the job done (yours). You have a budget for 2 professional Lavs, but where do they plug into? Your recorder? You do not want to wire a person in front of camera to your main recorder. Especially, if you are the only tech person on set. 

Rent what you need (hint: wireless links, most rental places provide some lavs + accessories with it. It's out of your budget to buy), and make your own expieriences, or hire someone who knows what he or she is doing.

You are on the wrong forum with this question.

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21 hours ago, PhilippeNeil said:


I'm not a pro-video producer, in fact I don't have any experience.. [snip] where I need to produce pro level videos


There‘s a contradiction here, which no gear can resolve for you. For pro results you need to be or get a pro

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On 11/29/2019 at 5:31 AM, PhilippeNeil said:

What are your thoughts?


Maybe look at Sennheiser G3 or G4 systems, maybe the new Deity system... and I guess there are options from Sony and Rode. And the go-to low-cost lav mic is (or at least was) something from Oscar SoundTech


In general, people on this forum don't work with low-cost wireless lav systems. But there are places where people do use those systems for professional work (ie- they need audio quality good enough to satisfy their clients), and some of those people work solo, I think. So those people probably have more familiarity with the options at your budget and for the kind of work you're planning on doing.


Check out these places. Perhaps first read through recent conversations, and then if you can't find an answer to your query, post:






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