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Purchasing Equipment for Interior Sound


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Could really use some insight on purchasing a shotgun mic.


The particulars :


* Documentary that shoots interviews/performances entirely on green screen.

* 30x30ft studio

* We also do a bit of commercial work with less than contained sets

* Have enjoyed the 416 but it has been difficult to isolate the echo of the room even though it is not a sparse location either


I'm stuck between picking up an MKH8060 which I can pick up for a decent price, or an MKH50 which while I cannot find a good deal on, seems to be more specific to the work we do on a daily basis.

I would love to hear anyone's experiences with either mics. Been concerned with some faulty stories on the 8060, and that it seems too specific to interiors. Wouldn't want to be shy with taking it on location either if necessary.

The rental cost of audio is just adding up considering we film 3-4 days a week, and it seems like I either need to commit to the 416, MKH50, or 8060.

Again, any help would be - super helpful.



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Get a 50.  And treat the room with some sound absorbent material- as even better microphones do not make reverberation go away.


The 416 is definitely not a good indoor mic, and though I have not used one, the 8060 is also an interference tube mic, and though it will likely sound better than the 416, it is also not the ideal tool for use indoors.



Brent Calkin


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There are SO MANY threads about this already. Google “jwsound interior mic” and read through all of those. You will find that the Schoeps MK41 and the Sennheiser MKH 50 are the most popular choices. You will also learn why a shotgun mic typically suffers in an interior space.


not trying to be a dick but this has been covered so many times on this forum.

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On 11/30/2019 at 5:45 AM, IronFilm said:

As you're shooting on a green screen, get that mic in SUPER CLOSE (yes, even have it in shot! You can remove it in post with a click of your fingers, easy!). 

I  think schoeps have the green screen color mic. it should be gone automatically 

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