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UCR 200 D

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Ah, something I have (a) some experience with and (b) problems with I am trying to resolve. Yes, you can put a more modern transmitter into 200 mode and the UCR 200 D ought to be able to pick it up. However, here's my experience with mixing 400 series transmitters with 200 series receivers:


Being cash poor, I cobbled together a kit out of some used gear. One pair involved a UM400 Tx (which one can run in "200 mode") and and a UCR 211 Rx. The UM400 always sounded somewhat fuzzy and occasionally distorted compared to the sound of a UM200C running into the same model receiver.


I had the UM400 serviced, and while it did sound much better (much less distortion) it still had subtle fuzzy quality -- not at all the same clarity as the straight-up 200 pair I was running side-by-side with the mismatched pair.


So I decided to abandon the UM400 and get another transmitter -- a used SMa.


After some months I've come to stop denying that the SMa has the same subtle fuzzy behavior as the UM400.


To the best of my ability to hear, both these "problematic" 400 series transmitters sound perfectly fine when running in 400 mode and paired with a 400 series receiver, whenever I've had the luxury of having a 400 series Rx available to me. But since I don't own a 400 series receiver I've never been able to torture test it.


So I figure it's GOT to be something about how the 400 series boards emulate 200 (despite the assurance from Lectro).


This problem is subtle -- one may might not notice it unless they were hearing it directly along side another channel.


If I weren't constantly scraping bottom cash-wise (new car, new roof, new teeth...) I'd just get the hell out of 200 world altogether, but if wishes were fishes....

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