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Cable for Arri Mini Lemo FHG.00.305.CLAD35Z


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I’m going to build a cable for audio in on the Arri Mini. It uses the R/A Lemo FHG.00.305.CLAD35Z. Max cable diameter is .38mm. 4 conductor with a shield.


What cable are you guys using?


Spec on connector


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2 hours ago, John Blankenship said:

For anyone who doesn't know, the Arri Mini and Arri Mini LF have different audio connections. The LF uses a 6-pin Lemo with D.C. on one of the pins.



I can't help but laugh at these things.  Seems such a strange decision to design an input that way.


I also haven't looked into it at all, there might be some huge brain design reason for them do it.  Another $300 in cables, and better make those lemos right angle haha.

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